2-08-20 by dave

The Canyon opened today around Noon, with a full push for the goods. From the few social medial shots I saw of the few who were able to get up on the hill, it was a full on shred fest with smooth creamy supportable surfaces that looked amazing. This last cycle really Spackled the hill in a big way and the wind did a fine job sanding the dance floor to perfection. All those interference patterns and rumble will be just a foot note for the next couple of days. Here is shot of Pipeline that I took last season when it was fully fat to illustrated the look I expect when I get up there.

Big mountain smooth waits for the morning session and I am stoked to get to those natural carpets.

Tomorrow, look for smooth lines as the areas open. The Groomers will be off the chart insane as the material delivered is perfect for industrial smoothing. It should be sunny and perfect temps, so expect a full on amazing day on the hill. The season total topped 400″, so this is one of the seasons to log into your memory for years to come. See you there to see the hill after it’s face lift. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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