2-07-20 by dave

Still the weather pounds the Wasatch Front and has produced a Code Black situation where interlodge was still in effect and the Canyon remained closed with numerous large slides having crossed the road, leaving deep deposition. The snowfall has fallen off a bit, but there are still impulses coming in and more snow expected tomorrow. We’ll still have to see how it all shakes out. Here is a shot that illustrates the scene, and has an interesting juxtaposition.

Snow still stacking up and interlodge still in effect. The Promise of the Wasatch as The CHEF would say!!

Even though I have sat out that last two days, I will be taking tomorrow off as well and we’ll have to see what is what. These are the days that we imagine during the Summer. Thanks to all the crews that are working the road situation and the hard working folks who make the Bird turn during this epic time. One for the books. IBBY!!!

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