1-07-21 by dave

The Sun was key this morning, as it lit Mineral Basin first thing and began to warm up the air. The first industrial smoothing of the season was performed on Powder Paradise, with a sweet meandering line that was preparatory for the future treatments. That fresh till was a real treat, which let you dial in that coveted full platform engagement. Lewis and Clark had a line prepared, which was the place to be as the off trail has really set up and is really bouncy and stiff. Here is shot I got of North East facing off of the traverse to The Hillary Step.

This area, which I had my eye on, finally opened while I was occupied on other choices offered really sweet turns for the folks on deck for the drop.

The front of the hill was offering very nice prepared lines that were consistent wall to wall with amazing seam matching. A bit shout out to the Cat Crew for such amazing corduroy. Tomorrow, look for more great groomed lines on all sides of the hill, and, perhaps, some prefrontal wind as another front begins it’s approach for the weekend. The off trail remains stiff, with widespread interference patterns and rumble. I will be looking for some overnight wind transport for the first lines of the day. See you there dark and early for the opening bell. Dial it up, Dial it in!!

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