1-08-21 by dave

The Temps were cold just before the Sun cracked the horizon, but quickly warmed the hill as it rose up. The Groomers were offering amazingly smooth carpets of AHHHHHH on all sides of the hill. A beautiful rework of the line out on Powder Paradise made that shot the Morning Crew choice to get the ball rolling. The Road to Provo opened for the first time of the season, but with the long stretch of time that that area has been out of play, let the resident pack stiffen, slab with the wind, and consolidate, making all the lines I chose very difficult to navigate. I was reduced to some very rudimentary techniques to insure I remained standing in the extremely variable consistency. I quickly returned to the smooth soft machine worked lines that were just right for a sunny Friday.

High contrast morning light made this corduroy mat jump out and call for a shot. You could hear the whirring and zizzing of the transitions even without moving.

After Noon, the traffic and temperature rise made the pack get very slick, which made the traction go away and moving through the turn became important to keep the footing consistent as you passed through the variation. Here is a shot that Jake sent of a Porcupine climbing up to the cover of the Summit tree cover for a lunch time nibble.

Our resident Porcupine working his way toward The Summit to stay clear of the passing Faithful.

Tomorrow, look for an unsettled day with marginal visibility as a fast moving impulse brings some snow showers. Dress for wind and colder temps. The Groomers will be offering the smooth consistent lines on all sides of the hill. Stay with the tree lines for the best contrast in the flat light. Remember, the off trail is stiff and very variable, so plan accordingly. I’ll be taking the day off to rest up for the coming week, so enjoy the hill. IBBY!!!

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