1-09-21 by dave

Clouds were still floating over the peaks, as the Valley was washed in Sunshine most of the day. The floaty clouds moved up and down the Canyon, letting the Sun shine in the higher elevations. That last impulse missed The Front with no real accumulation after the expectations were built up all week. Conditions remain unchanged from yesterday, and the Groomers are still offering the real smooth that you can trust even when those pesky clouds float on in and send the visibility to ZERO ZERO. Here is a shot of my good friend Steve that I took the other day on the peak.

Yesterday on the Peak was amazing. Steve and I spent a few minutes in The Summit enjoying the ambience and remembering the days long ago when we dreamed of such a facility on the peak.

Tomorrow, look for more sunshine, smooth Groomers to make the early corduroy the draw as Mineral Basin has been offering those perfect carpets with very low traffic. The off trail remains difficult, with widespread interference patterns and rumble to keep you focused on the variations as they present themselves. Straight Ahead!!!

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