1-06-21 by dave

The Faithful were on deck dark and early this morning in anticipation of the opening of Mineral Basin that was waiting in the wings for today’s festivities. High Baldy was also on tap and there were lots of folks waiting for their favorite line to open. The Groomers were amazing, offering velvet smooth textures that let you dial in the turns that felt effortless and silky. Here are some shots from Mikey M’s tour out to High Baldy where the goods did not disappoint.

Mikey M working the sweet cold frosting out on High Baldy. Perfect!!
Doc, getting his share of this storms perfection with no pressure.
Keith Bates working the section and making it look as good as it was.

The crowd made the jump to Mineral Basin as soon as it opened, which opened up the lifts on the front of the hill and left them walk on fast and fun. Here is a shot of the turns that Neil and Jake scored out on the Baldy Chair before the word got out.

Mineral Basin offering up the sweet surfable lines that this high density storm delivered

Tomorrow, look for another great day, with still some soft lines to find on the hill. The traverses remain difficult and care should be taken on route. I think we’ll get a bit more Sun, so visibility will be 2020. The Groomers will also be offering great lines, but may begin to firm up as they get worked. See you there for more of the good stuff. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!

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