2-03-14 by dave

The Sun was out all day today, with fantastic grooming offering smooth carving on all sides of the hill.  Even off trail was still feeling good with minimal rumble interrupting the flow.  There was an incredible manifestation of Angel Fire in Mineral Basin that was just so cosmic.  I took this shot as I looked into this bright light that seemed to call me to step through the portal to another dimension.   I was having too much fun to be drawn into that vortex, so I stayed here and ripped up the smooth buffage.  Once again, it is so much fun to actually stick a real turn. You have to feel it to know it.  There was little wind today, so the product stayed put and did not fill in too may lines, though there were a few sleepers if you kept an eye out.  Tomorrow should be a storm riding day as the next installment moves into the Front.  The hill is in fine shape to take the additional accumulation and all lines should be ready for fun.  There are still some reefs that are still not holding snow, but if we get some serious accumulation, even those features will begin to minimize the issues.  Get an early start in the morning as the Canyon Road may be dicey.  See for the freshness in the AM.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01822

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  1. carole livingston says:

    I am here an enjoyed my first runs after hip replacement this afternoon will try and make a breakfast /lunch with you soon

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