2-04-14 by dave

There was 4” of righteous Utah Light covering the Trailer this morning, however, there was not much more up on the hill.  There was some beautiful Sun shining on the new installment, which, as usual, drew me to Mineral Basin to seek out the lines away from the traffic.  The light density did nothing to cushion the ride as I dove into a steep line I have been eyeing all week.  The interference patterns there were easy to negotiate, with the long round lines through them, but the underlying pack was fully in play.  I tried some out of the way lines looking for the goods, and I did find some very worthy sections that made the investigations worth the  time.  The traffic was fairly light, with the lines non existent wherever I went.  I did not go out the Cirque Traverse today, but reports coming back indicated similar levels of interest out that way.  Entrances, and some of the heavily worked traverses are still not holding much snow, and this light installment did not do much to cover the gnar.  Be cautious on some of those tough transitional sections.  Tomorrow, look for more weather to move in, even colder temps, and improving consistency as the new product gets worked into the existing mat.  The big open Groomers are still offering full throttle fun when you dial in a big line.  Early morning runs are empty and invite a throw down approach.  The hill is becoming filled up more each day and looksDSC01825 more like what we have been waiting for.  Here is a shot I took of Vince, who was getting as much out of the Ultra Light as possible.  There is only one way to get this look, and that requires a deep investment in the fall line.  Rip it Vince as you do every day.  Don’t forget to Sizzle!!

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