2-05-14 by dave

There was 2” of ultra light dust covering the dance floor  as we started the day.  A surprisingly sunny morning was a bonus as the forecast called for a variable day.  The Essence that fell seemed to bond to the the last accumulation, making the ride much softer overall.  The Groomers were off the charts perfect and the Cat Crew did an outstanding job of buffing the product.  I broke out new skis today and the extra smooth buffage let me lay down some much more articulated turns.  What a treat to lay into the line and feel like I could dial it up as tight as I wished.  The off trail sections are improving as the amplitude of the interference patterns are mellowing.  I was able to work some of those sections that threw me around the other day with much more confidence.  Still, some of those pesky shiny tiles are still lurking in just a few spots where they have been well established.  At least they don’t move around, so you know where to shwag and float the turn.  Tomorrow, look for the weather to have moved into the Front for the next few days.  It looks like this could be very productive cycle, so keep your fingers crossed and double up on the snow dance steps.  The mountain is ready on all exposures to provide confidence when you decide on a line.  Here is a shot I took on my  way to explore the Exotic Trees, where the fresh perfection was just taunting me as I pushed along.  We will all be getting this goodness this week.  See you there for the storm riding.  IBBY!!DSC01810

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