2-06-14 by dave

The cloud cover was high as well as the wind which was beginning to move some product to the High North.  The Groomers were, once again, perfectly smooth and devoid of seams, making the flat light conditions much easier to negotiate.  I spent the day focused on the front side of the hill, but reports from Mineral were encouraging, though the visibility was no better.  As the wind kept moving product, I started looking around for wind lines and began to find some accumulation building a nice cushion in places.  Perhaps some of the dodgy entrances will benefit from the  extra build up.  The interference patters, while still wide spread over the high traffic areas, were mellowing as the wind worked the surfaces.  It was getting much easier to deal with the rumble with a bit of softness.  Tomorrow, the weather dude is promising real fall from the sky product.  I thought we would get it today, but it never materialized.  The hill is in great shape for the added installment, and you can count on much of the variability to be just a memory soon.   Be sure to check the Canyon situation in the AM. as there may be restrictions if the precipitation comes in early and hard.  We stand on the threshold of a very exciting snow cycle as there might be a significant amount over the next few days.  Here is a shot  I took the other day with the Mineral Basin Chair framing the West Twin.  Get ready for fun.  IBBY!!!DSC01823

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