2-07-14 by dave

The main thrust of the incoming storm still was holding off leaving only wind, clouds, and light snow falling all day.  The wind was moving the product from the previous days around the hill, making some of the collecting shots deeper by the minute.  Visibility was marginal, thought there seemed to be enough detail to see some of the variations.  The Groomers were great for the morning session, with some of the outlying machine worked sections offering untracked goodness for the first few Trams.  The traffic was medium, with only a 1 to 2 Tram wait, however, the Chairs remained very quick and easy.  As the wind continued, some of those low guts started to go off, and it was free refills if you hit the right section.   It is worth the time to look around for the overlooked lines where few think to go.  Tomorrow, look for the storm to have moved fully into the Front, at least that is what the Weather Dude is saying, so we will have to wait and see.  I think you can expect a Canyon closure early in the AM, so check the report for up to date info.  The hill is in perfect shape to deal with this cycle, as every thing is very filled in, all of the drops will be good to go.  The predicted high winds will play a big part in the snow quality as the accumulation builds up.  I expect some slabby sections, but if you look to the trees you will find better  quality there.  Expect a big turn out of the Faithful, after such a long dry spell they will be making up for lost time.  I will be off tomorrow, so have fun.  Here is a shot of some wind worked snow I came across.  I love the way the wind sculpts the snow.  See you Sunday.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01803

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