2-08-14 by dave

The promised precipitation finally arrived with some serious associated wind to make things interesting.  This installment was very high in moisture content as the flow is coming straight out of the West from Hawaii in a classic Pineapple Express pattern.  This will go a long way toward getting the base closer to fat.  Still the hill is in fine shape overall, and this addition will launch us into the rest of the season.  The Faithful were in full attendance eagerly awaiting the new accumulation.  The Tram was delayed as well as the Peruvian Chair, so the traffic on the other lifts was very heavy.  When the other lifts got going things mellowed a bit.  The Canyon was closed for control work and will close again at Midnight, so check the report in the AM for the status.  The rain is pouring here at the Trailer, making that wonderful sound on the aluminum skin.  It is very soothing for me.  Up on the hill that translates to solid accumulation as we go through the night.  The weather has this pattern holding up through most of next week as well, so there will be plenty of opportunity to get those freshies as we move through the cycle.  Tomorrow, expect a slow start, as the control work will be ongoing on the hill and in the Canyon.  It is a good time to kick back and see how things shake out.  Here is a shot I took on the Tram the other day with my skis and pole configuration looking a bit abstract.  Just an art piece so to speak.  Ciao!!DSC01813

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