2-09-14 by dave

The westerly flow continued to deliver the goods, though not in as much depth as the rain in the Valley would suggest.  The high density Essence worked some serious magic on the hill by filling in the deep interference patterns that have been built up recently.  There were gems to be found  all over the hill, with some of the gems laying quietly waiting for a caress.  The Canyon closure, in conjunction with the pent up weekend demand, caused the road to back up from both access points to near record points into the Valley. Here is a shot I took of the back up at Big Cottonwood Canyon after I bailed on the day.  The Canyon had not yet opened when I shot this, so it was going to be a long time getting up there.  Those that did make it up were gifted with some sweet frosting covering the cake.  Tomorrow, look for the precipitation to ease up and more of the closed areas to open after the control work is completed.  There should be some very nice conditions offered on all aspects.  The gnar should be well buried by the new installment, so all those shots that might have causes apprehension will be good to go now.  I will go scouting around tomorrow and get a better look at the way the hill is shaking out.  More snow is in the forecast for the week as the Pineapple Express continues to flow thought the Front.  Traffic  on the hill should be a bit more realistic in the AM with more room to dance.  See you for the festivities.  IBBY!!DSC01826


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