3-02-16 by dave

There was a surprise light dusting that fell on the hill overnight, which made the conditions just a bit more interesting.  The cold temps. were still a feature, with stout winds out of the Northwest that really made it feel quite cold.  The light dusting had been blown into threads of freshness in between very firm pack below.  A lap in Mineral Basin was a good place to start as the visibility was great with bright Sunshine and well worked lines.  Those High North aspects out there were still the best on that side of the hill and that aspect was holding up on the front of the hill as well.  The firmness really made you steer for the dust pockets, which you could link together for a bit better traction.  Here is a shot of the Snowbird Subaru with that dust on the front.  DSC03618Even with all that Sun, it did not really warm up all that much, and the snow surface was slow to soften.  Wind buffed lines continue to offer some very steep options that make you really pay attention, but reward you with dry chalky excellence that feels great underfoot.  Tomorrow, look for another great morning of hard pack sliding.  Tenderizing efforts will be implemented, so I will be looking for those early fresh lines. DSC03619 Here is a rare shot of a feeding frenzy of the avian variety out in a discrete location somewhere out in the far reaches.  There was a lot of competition for the seed and there was also a crowd on the snow pack waiting for spillage.  All these birds seemed so happy and glad to get a morsel.  Dress for another cold morning, but it is supposed to be a touch warmer.  See you there for the first Boat.  Speed Safely!!

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