3-03-16 by dave

High clouds filtered the Sun all day today, but it did not keep the temps. from climbing up well into the balmy zone.  Mineral Basin was  calling with a freshly prepared White Diamonds that had that Spring time feel that made me dial in some tight back country turns to draw out as much out of each turn as I could extract.  The early warmth made those South facing aspects feel like that sorbet that you get only much later in the Spring.   Here is a shot looking over the other side of the fence, where that high exposure is still un trammeled and smooth.  DSC03622On the front of the hill, excellent lines had been prepared and presented smooth consistent offerings that kept me lapping them Tram after Tram.  Over on Gad 2, that Gadzooks shot is still holding that smooth dry chalk that has been a treat for quite a while now.  It has miraculously resisted any sort of static build up at all.  Here is a fresh shot of that first pitch that I took today. DSC03623Tomorrow, look for another warm day to be on tap.  The forecast is predicting a big change in the weather pattern that will see these Spring time like conditions returning back to Winter.  In the mean time we can enjoy the pleasant temps. and soft afternoon snow pack until we get back to the Powder Cycle.  The High North is still holding the cold and smooth lines, which will still be good in the AM.  Watch those due South faces first thing until softening occurs, which today began around 11:00AM.    I was out and about looking at different aspects later in the day and found this great shot of The Rasta Chutes with the back  light highlighting the interference patterns that have built up there  The wind seemed to be filling them in just a bit, so keep an eye out for some smoothing there in the next couple of days.  Enjoy the warmth before the storm.  See you dark and early.  See the Line, BE the Line!!DSC03624


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