3-04-16 by dave

It was a very balmy morning that just got warmer as the day progressed.  The Groomers were already softening up out in Mineral Basin for the very first runs, where a Spring like corn goodness was feeling very sweet underfoot.  Before the day really started getting warm, the High North was still holding the cold and there were very nice dry chalky lines to ply off trail.  The South facing aspects were happening, as there was barely a freeze overnight.   On the front of the hill, Grooming lines were excellent as well, with lower Who Done It offering  a deep sugary carpet that made me dial it back to soak up as much of that delicacy as possible.  Once the day warmed up, even the High North was affected finally after all these warm days, and the interference patterns began to build up.  A quick lap on Gad2’s Gadzooks was the real tip off, as yesterday it was solid dry chalk.   Here is a shot of an interesting cloud building up behind the Little Cloud ridge line.    DSC03630Tomorrow, look for another warm day, with a light overnight freeze that may be thawed out by first Tram as it was today.  Those High North aspects, while they did get affected by the warmth, will still be offering nice lines, though there may be some static on the surface that was not present previously.   Coverage remains excellent despite the warm temps. and all lines are holding up well.  Traffic should be much more brisk for the weekend, so get out ahead of the crowd and work the Sun around the clock.  DSC03629This is little Tristan, who is styling some very cool head gear.  He will be a future shredder in a few years, and with the advances in equipment, technique, and performance levels, one can only imagine what this little guy will be bringing in, say, 20 years.   Yesterday, Tramrat took a shot of myself and Morgan from Autsin Texas, which I was going to post up, but his phone did not register the image.  So here is shout out to miss Morgan who was a real delight on our ride up and out of  Mineral.  Rock on Morgan!!   IBBY!!

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