3-05-16 by dave

There was a high cloud deck that obscured the Sun but did not lower down to make the visibility a big issue.  The light was flat, but the prepared lines were predictably smooth, and with warming during the day, the pack would be softening for the afternoon.  After yesterday’s warmth and the effect if had on the pack, those ultra smooth North facing lines did have a bit of static that was not present just the other day.  Here is a shot from my archives that will help with your Powder visualizations that will soon be reality as this next storm moves in tomorrow and 7888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888yMonday.  It is nice to see the weather changing back to a snowy pattern after such a long stretch of High Pressure, but those days were excellent in their own way.  Tomorrow, look for wind and weather to be moving in as the day progresses. Be sure to dress for the conditions, as those fair weather temps. will be gone for a bit.  All the lines on the hill are in good shape, but remember your smooth lines, and go with the Groomers when in doubt, to make the ride as smooth as possible.  The high traffic lines will have the interference patterns, and those South faces will be crispy for sure.  Think deep thoughts.  Peace Out!!

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