3-06-16 by dave

The wind was rocking the Trailer this morning as the cat walked over my face.  That was a clear signal that today would be interesting. High density Spackle was being blown by a very stout wind out of the South West.  This wind favored the North facing aspects and was filling in the low spots and guts.  That was the place to make the best of the 5 or so inches that started out the day.  The High Density bonded nicely to the old crusty layer, which would be evident where wind had blown it clean.   Here is a shot, Will Saunders took of me working Lower Hanging Bowl.  TLP_2I was skiing with the crew from The Locals Project who are doing a documentary series, and I am going to be on the first episode.  I was stoked to be doing the far explorations looking for the fresh lines and showing them the hill.  The wind was helping keep the consistency improving all day.  Heavy snow would move in all day off and on, so it was free refills.   Tomorrow, look for more accumulation as it is snowing here as I write this. The density is  sticking to the old layer , cushioning the variations and will have transformed the conditions. Still be looking for those spots stripped by the wind. Areas that did not open today, will be waiting in the wings. TLP_1 Here is a parting shot of the The Locals Project down in the locker room at the end of a really fun day.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram @ locals_project and FB.   IBBY!

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