3-07-16 by dave

The Essence that fell late yesterday and during the overnight hours was cold, dry, and dense, making this installment just what we needed to have for the transition back to a soft pack.   That old layer was still evident here and there, but the consistency was really nice on all sides of the hill.  The Faithful were on deck in full force for the opener, but as the crowd moved up the hill, the pressure lifted on the front of the hill.  When Mineral Basin opened, all the pressure was felt there, but those who were on hand for the drop got the goods in a big way.  The Road to Provo was excellent as well when that opened and did not last long at all.  Cool temps kept the quality high for most of the day, but the harbor chop did build up later in the day and the Sun’s radiant effects were transmitted to the direct aspects.  Here is a shot I took out in Mineral Basin as I was traversing under the Bookends on my way to the High North aspect further out.  DSC03637North and East facing aspects seemed to hold the cold all day and continued to provide great lines even after the pack had been worked over.  It was great to be able to dial in a full turn in the new soft snow, but I did spin out in one spot when I hit an old crusty spot that I did not anticipate.  Doh!!  While I was out on my tour of the far reaches, I came across Avery, who was really throwing down some solid fall line turns under the Sunday Cliffs.  I just had to stop and watch as I appreciated how advanced he is at such a young age.  Priceless.  DSC03644Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be refreshed with the new product, the High North aspects to still be soft and explosive, and more Sun and fun.  The old layer is still in play, but the new cushion will still be offering the soft feel.  It may be cold in the AM. but it will be warming as the day progresses, and the Sun will be working those direct aspects, so stay out ahead of the Sun. Conditions are very nice indeed and there is still a bit waiting in the wings.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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