3-08-16 by dave

As anticipated, the recent installment was tilled into the pack, which offered fresh carpets of delightful corduroy for the morning session.  With cold temps. and bright Sun, it was a full on carve fest that let you dial in your inner Ligety.  Mineral Basin was calling with great lines both on and off trail as the the High North aspects were still dry, chalky and soft.  On the front of the hill, the High North aspects were dry and soft as well, and with the low traffic, back to back Trams were clicking off like clock work. Here is a shot of the East Twin showing off the fresh Essence. DSC03642The last of the traverses opened this morning and was just as good as it gets, with that buoyant feel that came with the High Density grauple that was piled up on top of the smooth pack.  It was a real treat to get those lines with absolutely no pressure.   Our debriefing meeting at the Forklift Chair was animated with conversation about the unusually excellent quality that was still holding up.  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew comparing notes and planning the after breakfast options.  IMG_0755Tomorrow, look for some flurries to have deposited some freshness on the hill,  perhaps some residual clouds, and more excellent ripping on the freshly prepared Hydro Velvet.  There is nothing like being able to lay a deep laceration in the pack, knowing it will hold up with no slip.  If you are not careful you will be spit out of the turn like a rocket.  The High North and Northeast facing aspects are still holding the cold soft product that was fully preserved by the colder temps. of the day.  The Sun should make an appearance, but when is still up in the air.   12792333_972083766172610_7405781363003415080_oHere is a parting shot of me working the Eddie Mo traverse where there was sumptuous Essence still to be had while the throng was working the back of the hill.  This shot was taken by Will Saunders of The Locals Project as part of the profile they were doing.  It sure was fun working with this crew.  They are off to Jackson Hole to continue the project.  Straight Ahead!!

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