3-09-16 by dave

There was a wild blast of rain that pounded the Trailer early this morning, accompanied by thunder and lighting, as an impulse moved through the Front.  Up on the hill, the 2 inches that was resident in the parking lot did not reveal the goods that were waiting higher up on the hill.  Very high winds made the First Tram a challenge, with some wind affected accumulation in areas that were taking the hit, but in the protected aspects, additional accumulation made for some very nice turns indeed.  Here is a shot of the Snowbird Subaru with the fresh coating.  DSC03646Some areas were delayed opening as the fast moving, late arriving impulse pushed back the control work, but when areas opened it was a real treat to get that high density sugar that went a long way toward cushioning the ride.  The bottom layer was indeed in play, but looking for the low guts and wind deposited areas kept the bottom features barely noticeable. With the rain in the Valley, there was not much of a push on the hill and the traffic was unusually light for a powder event. That was a real sleeper surprise that does not happen often.  Here is a shot of DSC03648Superior shining in the Sun that broke out after the first hour or so of the day.    Tomorrow, look for those High North aspects to still be holding the cold, but the Sun did affect those direct shots that get the full blast.  The Groomers will be refreshed once again with the new product, and will be offering super Hydro Velvet for the morning session before it gets too worked.  Partly cloudy skies will ensure good visibility that will let you dial in the lines you are after.  Be aware of the old layer that is still in play and stay with the smooth lines that are still available.  I seem to be having some kind of glitch with the site, where the dates are missing and the older posts button is not there.  I am working on getting these issues fixed ASAP.  In the mean time I will be writing the date as part of the post until I can work it out.  Stay Frosty!!

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