3-10-16 by dave

As anticipated, exquisite corduroy was prepared by the Cat Crew, who out did themselves with today’s offerings that were to be found on all sides of the hill.  The morning feature was the White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper combination that was so good I almost fell over just from the rush of perfection beneath my feet.  Here is a shot of White Diamonds that shows off the DSC03649smooth goodness of those first runs.  The temps. were balmy, but the snow pack was still holding the cold and felt Winter velvety, with not a hint of crust.  On the front of the hill,  there were numerous buffed lines to choose from that were really hard to choose between, so the only thing to do was to make extra hot laps and get them all.  With the warm morning temps. the quality was not going to last long, but even after the pack began to warm up, the consistency continued to be excellent.  I went looking for some High North off trail lines, and I found soft blastable crud just where I thought I would find it.  I also ran into Snoopy, who was ripping this line under Old Reliable. Notice the straight ahead attack and calm posture.  DSC03653Tomorrow, look for another warm day with great Groomers to be the high light of the morning session.  The High North aspects are still holding the cold and will be well worth hitting those lines before the warmth of the day begins to affect even those exposures.  Traffic has been quite light, with only a brisk flurry for the first couple 0f Trams to get things started.  Watch those South facing aspects as they did get hit today and will be a bit difficult before they soften up.  See you for the morning shred fest.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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