2-27-20 by dave

It was another beautiful morning, with much warmer temps, sweet machine worked lines on all sides of the hill, and fairly light traffic. The prepared lines had quality that let you dial in that full platform engagement. Here is a shot of one section with some serious lacerations in the mat.

Dialin’ it up and dialin’ it in on these perfect carpets of AHHHH!

Mineral Basin was drawing the crowd, and after a few hot laps back there, The Morning Crew worked the vacant lines of the Big Smooth, which was offering top to bottom fun lap after lap. Here is a shot of the fresh line out on Mark Malu just waiting for Go Time.

A big, perfect, glacial moraine line out off the Road To Provo. Big Mountain smooth!!!

The temps warmed up nicely, but the snow quality remained excellent with the still low Sun angle. Those due South aspects will have absorbed a bit of heat and will be crunchy in the AM. The North aspects are holding cold and are still very good. I went out and about, but made my way back to the smooth after bouncing around a bit.

A long shot down Canyon that Neil sent along. The scale is very deceiving. Big Country!!

Tomorrow, look for more Sun, smooth prepared lines on all sides of the hill and warmer temps. Look at the Grooming report for new and exciting additions to the prepared lines. Stay Frosty!!

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