2-28-20 by dave

This morning felt like Spring, and I went with Sun glasses all day long. The Sun was bright, and the prepared lines were smooth and consistent on all sides of the hill. Lower Lone Star and White Diamonds were prepared in Mineral Basin, with Middle and Lower Primrose Path the featured smooth on the front of the hill. Mark Malu was also really perfect, with wind deposited dust in the gut, and dry chalky traction top to bottom. Here is a shot of me that Neil sent where things get interesting on Lower Lone Star.

Just the spot where the world starts dropping away and you know you better keep it tight!

The Sun did bake those due South faces, but the North aspects maintained the dry chalky feel all day long. Tomorrow, look for those South facing aspects to be very crispy and difficult. The Groomers will still be offering the best feel and ride. With a storm making it’s way in for Sunday, look for clouds to be in the mix, with some variable visibility. Temps should be warm, with wind out of the South. Perhaps we’ll get some wind transported smoothing. We’ll see. Take the time to scope out the lines on the hill, so you will know where the smooth can be found. I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow to rest up for the coming week. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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