2-26-20 by dave

A much warmer morning greeted The Faithful, who were on hand and ready for a great day on the hill. Extensive grooming efforts had been employed on all sides of the hill, with stellar carpets on Lone Star, White Diamonds, and Lower Silver Dipper that offered chalky treats top to bottom. Those smoothing efforts return the pack to that big mountain smooth that lets you experience the lines as close to natural smooth as you can get. Got to love that. While the temps did warm up, the quality of the pack remained well refrigerated, and held up well into the afternoon. Here is a shot of one of the wind formations out on a Lewis and Clark lap.

I got caught inside with this hard breaking bomb set to let loose. It’s about time to duck dive!!

I went looking around off trail and found still chalky dry lines, but the rumble and static is widespread, however, a slower rounder approach made the lines fun and interesting.

Queen Mary getting a bird’s eye look at the lines for the very first time. I was very excited to point out the possibilities to her.

Tomorrow, look for another warming day, with plenty of prepared lines on all sides of the hill that will keep you dialing it in. Those North facing aspects are still the best quality off trail with some natural smoothing taking place with the lack of traffic.

The Gillette sisters lighting up the day and making sure that folks are having a great time.

See you there tomorrow for another amazing day of wide open lines, hard charging possibilities, and fantastic cover all over the hill. Remain Standing!!

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