12-28-18 by dave

A cold Northwest flow brought very cold temps. to the hill, and it also brought some amazingly light Lake Effect Essence to go with it. The cold temps. kept the snow perfectly refrigerated, creating cold smoke trails of glory with every turn. With the bright Sun, Mineral Basin was the place to be, where the Sun made it feel much warmer than it was. Lewis and Clark was offering perfect carpets of AHHHHHH, where you could dial in your inner Ligety. Team Budge was gathered on the border with Alta checking out the options and firing up the Stoke factor. They were scoping out those off trail lines that were waiting and empty. It would be a full hour before the Faithful would find the outland lines. The Groomers on the front side of the hill were smooth and consistent, with Gun Powder underneath all the Guns working hard to add base to the lower Peruvian Gulch. Later, the firm layer began to come into play and the traffic increased, so a more conservative approach was needed. The temps. remained cold, but the Sun took the edge off the morning chill and I was able to dispense with the nose protection. Tomorrow, look for the cold temps to still be in place, and protect the exposed skin areas. The Sun should help a bit, but the snow will remain soft off trail and the Groomers will still be offering the carpets of AHHHHH for those looking to dial in the high edge angles. Traffic should be brisk, so get there early and use the chair options to skirt the Tram back ups. Don’t Forget to SIZZLE!!

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