12-27-18 by dave

As anticipated, it was cold with variable visibility. There was an initial push for the Tram, but it was quickly pumped up the hill and walk on Trams were happening quickly. Back in Mineral Basin, there was some Sun shining, and perfect carpets of AHHHH provided top to bottom goodness, with the off trail soft and workable. With no one on the lifts, it was easy to do laps. On the front side of the hill, the snow continued to fall all day long which was piling up soft and light. I was working the smooth lines to take advantage of the wide open lines in the variable visibility. Here is a shot of the Subaru Mascot on the Plaza Deck covered with the ultra light Essence that was falling all day. I took some recon runs, looking around and seeing how different aspects were shaping up, and while the coverage is getting better, I will still be staying with the fat guts and steering clear of the high points for a bit longer. I stopped in to the Mid Gad Restaurant to get a Hot Cocoa and ran into Team Too Much Wine, who were taking a break and recharging for the afternoon session. Tomorrow, look for more righteous Utah light to have been delivered overnight as it was dumping hard when I left at 8 PM. The road was backed up early so I took advantage of all the great spaces to hang and got some great Pizza at The Wildflower. It was a great day and a big day. See you there for the freshies in the AM. Dial it up, Dial it in!!

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