12-26-18 by dave

I stepped back through The Portal around Noon from my time on The Home Planet. Here is a shot of the Event Horizon on re entry. What a treat to come back to find an overnight sensation that put frosting on the cake. Medium density Essence was delivered and it looked really good in this shot Jake sent me of Lewis and Clark. I will be excited to get out there tomorrow and check it out myself. Jake also sent this very cool shot of The Peak with trippy crystal flakes floating in the air. Tomorrow, look for a bit more freshness covering the hill, The Groomers wil be perfect Hydro Velvet wall to wall on all sides of the hill. It will be cold, so dress for weather and expect some variable visibility. Conditions are great, and I can’t wait to get back and getting some of this early season Fluffulessence! Prime Time!

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