12-29-18 by dave

Cold and overcast skies were on tap, making the visibility a bit variable. There were some moments of Sun around Noon, but clouds lowered later in the afternoon and visibility remained flat. Off trail lines are offering some softness, but there is a bit of a crust underneath from that last installment that had a high moisture content. Still, the terrain is still fairly smooth, with only the most heavily traveled lines building interference patterns. There is some static underlying some of the marginal lines, but further out the consistency is holding up nicely. Here is an beautiful Snow Angel that Wynonna made the other day when the freshness was just begging for some extra love. Tomorrow, look for a Storm day, as a front will be moving in with cold temps., stout winds, and heavy snow fall at times. I think the heaviest accumulation will be later in the day. The Groomers will be offering the reliably smooth carpets that will be easy to negotiate in variable visibility. Off trail will still be offering overall smoothness, but expect the interference patterns to be well established on the heavily worked lines. The crusty layer will still be in play, so be looking for blown in accumulations of goodness that may be in the mix as the storm moves in. Dress for cold and be sure to protect your uncovered skin areas. Add an extra layer if you are going to be working the chairs. I think traffic will be a bit lighter, and with the lift capacity, any lines should be very short lived. See you there for the storm riding fun. IBBY!!

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