2-16-19 by dave

The Faithful were treated to a buffed sensation this morning, as the wind worked the hill and more Essence covered the dance floor. The Cosmic Buffer had resurfaced the substrate and the resulting shine was sweet and effervescent. Here is a shot of Mikey M out on Lone Pine getting the full explosive bang out of a full immersion charge!

This shot is no exaggeration and fully represents the ultra high quality that was found today, along with the blue sky. However, there were consistent clouds moving through with some flurries. Mineral Basin opened as well, which offered up amazing lines top to bottom. Here is a shot of my friend Doc, who was dialing in some turns that just get to the Heart of the MATTER.

Remember, that tree behind him is vertical, so you can add a whole other level of steep to this picture. The Faithful were in full attendance today as the Holiday weekend kicked off, but the Chair option was a good bet with the high uphill capacity. Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation as the impulses keep coming back around as the Low moves to the South. Conditions will be amazing wall to wall, and all the entrances are full with the Traverses good to go as well.

In closing, here is a meditative shot of the stroll up to the West Baldy. When you are on the path and the wind is howling, it just puts you in the NOW moment. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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