2-15-19 by dave

My mind was totally blown today as the approaching weather produced a wind that transported the high density goodness toward the Peruvian side of the hill, making it a free refills day wall to wall. Here is a shot of a perfectly wind buffed view of Glens offering mind blowing perfection.

Once again, I was able to lap The High North aspects time after time, and got the goods that were frothy, surfy and metaphorically TUBULAR!! The locker room hubbub was unanimous in deeming this day one of life’s greatest days. Mineral Basin opened as well, offering perfect lines, but I opted to keep working the front of the hill to take advantage of such a rarity. Here is a shot of two members of Team SIZZLE, who I have known since day one, and the next generation of the Team is right there with them.

Traffic was fairly light, and the chairs offered step on service, which let you get around the Tram back ups. Tomorrow, you can expect more accumulation as a serious front just moved into the Front. Here is a shot of The Wall Of Voodoo swallowing the Valley with blue sky out ahead of it. This one means business.

The temps. will be significantly colder in the AM., so dress for storm riding, as residual flurries will be hanging in. I will be taking the day off, so get the goods for me. The hill is perfectly smooth wall to wall thanks to the wind, so it will be EPIC!! Don’t Touch That DIAL!!!

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