2-17-19 by dave

It was quite cold this morning, and though the Sun was out early, clouds moved in as the First Tram hit the dock, making the visibility variable. Out in Mineral Basin, extensive Grooming efforts had been prepared, and it was nice to have a smooth surface to deal with the lack of detail. On the front of the hill, Peruvian Gulch was offering some sweet, smooth, groomed lines that let you dial in the steep, long, length of Primrose Path. I had to do that a couple of times just to make sure I got the full effect. With the brisk traffic on the Tram, the Chairs was the place to be to by pass the back up and get right on and going. Here is a shot of Brian Beck, which Mikey M sent last week, blasting an off the lip reentry. This is the moment just before he exited the Immersion Zone, and you can just make out the tips. If you scroll down a couple of posts ago, you will see him exiting the cloud.

Clouds and flurries kept coming in from the East all day, delivering a tasty dusting of Essence. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with the cold holding on, more flurries moving through, and amazing Groomers to explore your inner Ligety. The off trail is still soft and blastable, however, with all the traffic, the interference patterns are beginning to build up a bit. A long drawn out turn will help smooth out the ride with the fresh snow cushioning the variations. See you there for the top to bottom goodness. IBBY!!

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