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Today was warmer than yesterday, but it was still quite cold and very fast on the hill. Mineral Basin was offering the bright Sun, but it did little to soften the pack until much later in the day. Nice grooming efforts had been prepared for the day on all sides of the hill, with White Diamonds offering smooth, crisp lines that had plenty of tooth to get an edge. Silver Dipper off the Cat Track was left over from yesterday, but was still fairly smooth. I love that super steep section that transitions into the multi aspect gully that keeps you working the aspects. Lewis and Clark was vacant and smooth, and the Morning Crew worked that section with no traffic and lots of options.

The Morning Crew gathered at the top of Lewis and Clark assessing the various smooth cruisin’ options.

The Front of the hill was offering much more traction on the North facing aspects, with Middle and Lower Primrose offering wide open Groomers that let you dial in the top to bottom pace. Sooo much fun. The pack did begin to soften after Noon, and maintained the smooth consistency all day. Tomorrow, look for another cool morning with smooth Groomers offering the best lines, but look to the High North for some still smooth dry chalky lines on some on the less traveled sections. Check the Grooming list for the fresh tilled sections, but the left over lines should still be offering good sliding. Straight Ahead!!!



The pack was crispy and cold this morning making the pack firm on all sides of the hill. The Groomers had been worked and did offer some good traction on the North facing aspects, but the conditions were firm and fast. The Sun was shining, but the cold temps held off the softening all day.

Wide open and firm and looking for the North facing lines for the best traction.

Tomorrow, look for another cool day with the temps not getting above freezing. I’ll be looking for the those North facing lines again and will be staying with the Sun from the opening bell. Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun and wide open lines in the AM. I am looking forward to those steep prepared lines to keep the pace fast and fun. It is Spring time and conditions are crispy, but the cover is amazing and there are few features to worry about. Keep it tight!!



That predicted cold front made an early arrival, moving in shortly before the opening bell, dropping the temps really fast. With no time for softening, the pack was crispy and firm on all sides of the hill. Light precip began and the visibility went south as the front moved through. Off trail was not offering much in the way of relief, as the warmth of preceding days had morphed even the High North aspects.

Spring time freeze thaw making the surfaces crystalize. Good to let it soften in the Sun.

Tomorrow, look for a still cold morning, with partly cloudy skies, which will really slow any softening of the pack. The Groomers will be the place to be with the fresh till offering the best surface to get traction. The North facing aspects will offer the best quality, but lower on the hill expect very crispy surfaces. Look to Mineral to offer the earliest softening possibilities with what morning Sun may be happening. Dress for cold as temps will be quite nippy. IBBY!!



Great grooming was the highlight today, with the big smooth sections getting the machine work on the front of the hill. A fun feature was the smoothing treatment to Lower Lower Chips Face which is a real steep treat, keeping you working the steeps right to the very last turn. It is so much fun to keep the turn party going off the lower cat track, and you don’t want to let it get away with from you. The warm temps made it a Spring feeling day and working the Sun was key for the morning session. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent me from yesterday out on Figure 8 Bowl.

Mikey M dozing up the goods in the installment that was on tap yesterday. Couldn’t pass posting this one.

Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming lines on all sides of the hill and look for those special drops they did for today to still be happening. With the warmth on the bottom of the hill and the Sun work up higher, there will be some crispy surfaces, so stay with the Sun for the best softening possibilities. There is a cold front moving in later in the day, so get the best of the visibility and quality before it moves in after Noon. We’ll see you there early for the fast laps in the Mineral Basin Sunshine. Straight Ahead!!



The Sun was shining this morning with cold air after the storm moved off and left the hill wide open. As anticipated the Groomers were soft and dialable on all sides of the hill and the High North was still holding the soft smooth that has been keeping the ride direct and fun. Most of the closed areas opened up and were excellent around the dial. The Sun was a factor as the day progressed. Here is a shot of signs of spring despite the Winter feel.

Wynonna sent this shot of the signs of Spring creeping into the scene.

Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the best of the smooth, but the High North will be offering the cold soft snow that has not been hit by the Sun. Watch those East, West and South faces as they will have been affected by the rays. It should be another bright and sunny day, but I expect cool temps to start. See you there for the early explorations for the smooth and soft. Remain Standing!



A new installment of fresh frosting greeted The Faithful this morning as the storm continued to deliver the goods and keep the Essence fresh all day. There were plenty of smooth lines to find all over the hill, especially if you were paying attention in the days going into this delivery. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent of the action out on Fields Of Glory.

Mark Herath dialing in the goods on Baldy where the traffic has been low in recent days.

All sides of the hill were open today, however, there were numerous sections that were left closed, but there was more than enough to keep you finding the goods on all aspects. Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be really great, with smooth soft carvable lines on all sides of the hill. There will be those areas that are waiting in the wings, so keep you eyes open for opening as the day starts out. The Sun will be up and shining, so pay attention to the aspect as the Sun works the sections, but the morning should be good to go around the dial. Those big smooth lines will still be holding the consistency, but areas that had interference patterns will be fully in play. Traffic should be brisk, so use the chairs for faster access. As Joe Man The Snowman says,” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!!



It was snowing hard on the peak this morning and the snow was adding up on the mat, offering a wonderfully smooth feel for the first runs of the day. The North facing aspects still had that good traction underneath the new snowfall, but the West facing aspect were crispy underneath and required a bit more edge to keep things moving down hill. There was fair traffic on the Tram, but the chairs were wide open with no waiting. The Big Smooth had been prepared top to bottom, and I took advantage of that feature to make the most of the rarity of all three sections getting the Grooming treatment. Here is a shot of the Summit in the storm.

It is so great to have such a magnificent facility on the Peak to warm up when the wind and snow are working.

Off trail was quite difficult, however, there were sections that were North facing that had keep the smooth from the low traffic and were not getting any attention.. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation as the storm is just getting started and I expect there to be some great conditions in the AM. Look for those smooth sections for the best ride, and there should be some good cushion with the new snow, however the old layer may be still in play a bit. We’ll see how it shakes out. The Groomers will be offering those smooth lines and there are plenty of options. Check out that Big Smooth line on the Peruvian Gulch for a guaranteed smooth line. There will be brisk traffic, so work the chairs for the best uphill access. Speed Safely!!



It was a clear sunny morning, but colder than one would think. The Groomers were offering great lines on both sides of the hill, with Upper Primrose Path getting the first till of the season, putting together the Big Smooth top to bottom. Paying attention to aspect was key as the slight variations make a huge difference in quality.

Wynonna, Tracy, and Kitty were on First Tram to get the party started. It is very difficult to keep up with these three ladies.

Clouds began to move in later in the day as the next system is getting ready to roll in for the next couple of days. Tomorrow, look for precipitation to begin sometime during the day, so dress for cold and weather. The Groomers will be offering the best lines, with the North facing aspect still holding the cold. The weather dude is upping the snow fall for this installment, so we can look forward to some fresh Essence to play in in the next while. Keep it tight!!



Lacy clouds clung to the peaks this morning with the Sun shining through the mist. The Sun has done the damage to the pack, leaving a crusty subsurface in many places where the rays warmed things up. Even the West aspects had been affected. The Groomers were really good, with the cold dry chalk still working in the mat. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the leftovers under the White Cliffs.

Mike M working the far reaches for the left overs and finding some still soft snow.

Tomorrow, look for a nice morning, with Sun to start out the day, however, clouds will be moving in later in the day as another front approaches from the Northwest tomorrow night. The Groomers will be offering smooth driving on all sides of the hill, and be sure to check the Grooming list to see what steep sections have been prepared. Lower Primrose Path has been getting the regular treatment and that is a favorite of mine on the bottom of the hill. The off trail will still be tricky, so look for the North facing aspects for the best quality. Stay Frosty!!



It was a sunny morning, lighting the dance floor that was primed and ready for Amazing. The conditions were as good as it gets and deep sections that had been waiting were opened and ready for prime time. Here is a shot of the Sunday Cliffs showing off the sweet lines that were there for the taking.

With all the snow that has fallen in the last month, this section was offering stellar lines top to bottom.

Lewis and Clark was offering lines that have been hard to get to with the early season situation, but now the openings are happening and the getting is good.

Looking into the expanse of Ski Patrol Gully which is on of my favorite lines.

Some of the more obscure access points were opened and getting those openings was icing on the cake. Here is a shot of Alimony Bowl exhibiting perfect blower Essence. Thanks to Nate Nicholson for sending these shots.

As good as it gets, with no pressure no hype. The lucky few getting the goods.

Clouds moved in after Noon as another front is moving in for later tonight and will deliver more snow for tomorrow’s festivities. The hill is in great shape wall to wall and you’ll find more pockets if you look for it. Tomorrow, look for awesome Groomers on all aspects. There is still some to be found so look around. It should be cloudy and variable visibility, so dress for weather. See you there dark and early for more spring skiing. IBBY!!!