3-22-21 by dave

It was a sunny morning, lighting the dance floor that was primed and ready for Amazing. The conditions were as good as it gets and deep sections that had been waiting were opened and ready for prime time. Here is a shot of the Sunday Cliffs showing off the sweet lines that were there for the taking.

With all the snow that has fallen in the last month, this section was offering stellar lines top to bottom.

Lewis and Clark was offering lines that have been hard to get to with the early season situation, but now the openings are happening and the getting is good.

Looking into the expanse of Ski Patrol Gully which is on of my favorite lines.

Some of the more obscure access points were opened and getting those openings was icing on the cake. Here is a shot of Alimony Bowl exhibiting perfect blower Essence. Thanks to Nate Nicholson for sending these shots.

As good as it gets, with no pressure no hype. The lucky few getting the goods.

Clouds moved in after Noon as another front is moving in for later tonight and will deliver more snow for tomorrow’s festivities. The hill is in great shape wall to wall and you’ll find more pockets if you look for it. Tomorrow, look for awesome Groomers on all aspects. There is still some to be found so look around. It should be cloudy and variable visibility, so dress for weather. See you there dark and early for more spring skiing. IBBY!!!

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