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A full on powder blast was delivered for the weekend and The Faithful were in full attendance for the occasion. After a solid dump the past couple of days, added accumulation put the icing on the cake, leaving deep floaty goodness all over the hill. The old layer seemed to be gone with the good cushion of the medium density Essence.

Today, Mikey M found the goods right where he knows they live. Floaty and fun, and leaving trails of glory in the Spring powder.

Mikey M sent this shot of himself on Baldy where the lines are smooth, steep and wide open. He knows how to work the lines to get the best powder blasts. Conditions are great wall to wall, and all your favorite lines will be offering the goods. More snow showers are pumping through as I write this, so tomorrow will be offering more refilled lines and fresh areas as mitigation is completed. I expect high traffic for the goods so work the Chairs for best access. Straight Ahead!!



The roar of rain on the skin of The Trailer woke me up during the early morning hours as the cold front moved in with intense precipitation that kept coming for the better part of the day. At 2 PM, large silver dollar sized snow flakes were falling on the bench, which was a welcome sight. The Mountain was reporting 6″, but I suspect there will turn out to be a fair bit more than that by the next report.

The Bruce Shrine standing up to the Storm and keeping the dream alive.

Much of the hill was open, but there were the usual sections closed that will be waiting in the wings for tomorrow’s festivities. There is still energy in the sky as it is still raining here at The Trailer as I write this, and tomorrow will offer great conditions, with the Groomers providing seriously soft and luxurious carpets of AHHHH for the morning session. The off trail will be much improved, and the new product will be cushioning the ride wall to wall. Expect fair traffic for the goods. There is more storm energy upstream for the week so we can look for more goodness in the next while. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



Warm South winds were pumping today with the advance of a front that is moving in for tomorrow, which will bring a good dose of Essence for the Holiday weekend. The North facing aspects were still holding the cold with a fair amount of rumble to keep you working the sections. The Groomers were the best call with the big sections out in Mineral offering those steep, smooth lines that let you open it up. Here is a shot of Lewis and Clark looking smooth and rippable.

Long before there were lifts back in this drainage, we used to dream of being able to dial in the lines we saw back here. Now, it is a daily offering, how lucky are we.?

Tomorrow, look for weather to be moving in and storm riding conditions to be in effect. Dress for cold as the temps will drop and the wind will be pumping out of the North. Expect fairly heavy traffic for the weekend and work the Chairs for fast access. Stay Frosty!!



After abruptly stepping out of Time and Space a number of weeks ago due to a rapid onset Heart Issue, I finally made my way back to The Bird and all the folks and places that make it such a special place. I am feeling much better, but am still working on my strength as I get back into it, and it is going to take a while to dial things back in. I wish to express the gratitude to all the folks who contacted me, sent me healing vibes, and lent their support for my recovery during the path I walked. I also want to thank the team at St Marks here in SLC for taking such good care of me when things were going sideways. Up on the hill today, the pack was consolidated wall to wall with soft snow still to be found on the North facing aspects, but widespread rumble was the rule. The Groomers were firm, but still had that dry chalky feel that gave plenty of traction to the turns. Since the big dump we had a few weeks ago, the cover has improved markedly and the Grooming efforts have expanded and are really fun, full and wide. Tomorrow, look for another Sunny day with cold morning temps and warming as the Sun rises up during the day. Now, with the Spring months with us, attention must be paid to aspect for quality. Stay with the North faces for the dry chalk, and the watch the South and East facing aspects for softening and thickening.

Mikey M getting the uber deep on Baldy when the Easterly flow blew all the snow on to the Baldy aspects.

Here is a shot of Mikey M, who sent me this shot of Baldy last Saturday, when the storm that hit Denver backed into the The Front from the East. The West facing aspects picked up all the snow. More snow is in the forecast for this weekend and the hill is in great shape to make the most of whatever is delivered. Thanks again to all for the support, and I will be posting regularly again, now that I have my finger on the pulse of the hill, no pun intended.