3-31-21 by dave

Today was warmer than yesterday, but it was still quite cold and very fast on the hill. Mineral Basin was offering the bright Sun, but it did little to soften the pack until much later in the day. Nice grooming efforts had been prepared for the day on all sides of the hill, with White Diamonds offering smooth, crisp lines that had plenty of tooth to get an edge. Silver Dipper off the Cat Track was left over from yesterday, but was still fairly smooth. I love that super steep section that transitions into the multi aspect gully that keeps you working the aspects. Lewis and Clark was vacant and smooth, and the Morning Crew worked that section with no traffic and lots of options.

The Morning Crew gathered at the top of Lewis and Clark assessing the various smooth cruisin’ options.

The Front of the hill was offering much more traction on the North facing aspects, with Middle and Lower Primrose offering wide open Groomers that let you dial in the top to bottom pace. Sooo much fun. The pack did begin to soften after Noon, and maintained the smooth consistency all day. Tomorrow, look for another cool morning with smooth Groomers offering the best lines, but look to the High North for some still smooth dry chalky lines on some on the less traveled sections. Check the Grooming list for the fresh tilled sections, but the left over lines should still be offering good sliding. Straight Ahead!!!

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