3-25-21 by dave

It was snowing hard on the peak this morning and the snow was adding up on the mat, offering a wonderfully smooth feel for the first runs of the day. The North facing aspects still had that good traction underneath the new snowfall, but the West facing aspect were crispy underneath and required a bit more edge to keep things moving down hill. There was fair traffic on the Tram, but the chairs were wide open with no waiting. The Big Smooth had been prepared top to bottom, and I took advantage of that feature to make the most of the rarity of all three sections getting the Grooming treatment. Here is a shot of the Summit in the storm.

It is so great to have such a magnificent facility on the Peak to warm up when the wind and snow are working.

Off trail was quite difficult, however, there were sections that were North facing that had keep the smooth from the low traffic and were not getting any attention.. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation as the storm is just getting started and I expect there to be some great conditions in the AM. Look for those smooth sections for the best ride, and there should be some good cushion with the new snow, however the old layer may be still in play a bit. We’ll see how it shakes out. The Groomers will be offering those smooth lines and there are plenty of options. Check out that Big Smooth line on the Peruvian Gulch for a guaranteed smooth line. There will be brisk traffic, so work the chairs for the best uphill access. Speed Safely!!

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