3-26-21 by dave

A new installment of fresh frosting greeted The Faithful this morning as the storm continued to deliver the goods and keep the Essence fresh all day. There were plenty of smooth lines to find all over the hill, especially if you were paying attention in the days going into this delivery. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent of the action out on Fields Of Glory.

Mark Herath dialing in the goods on Baldy where the traffic has been low in recent days.

All sides of the hill were open today, however, there were numerous sections that were left closed, but there was more than enough to keep you finding the goods on all aspects. Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be really great, with smooth soft carvable lines on all sides of the hill. There will be those areas that are waiting in the wings, so keep you eyes open for opening as the day starts out. The Sun will be up and shining, so pay attention to the aspect as the Sun works the sections, but the morning should be good to go around the dial. Those big smooth lines will still be holding the consistency, but areas that had interference patterns will be fully in play. Traffic should be brisk, so use the chairs for faster access. As Joe Man The Snowman says,” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!!

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