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There was another huge turn out of The Faithful early this morning, and the interest was still filing up the Canyon well past Noon to take advantage of the areas still waiting in the wings. The Groomers were awesome, as this last installment offered perfect material for the carpets. Off trail, there were various consistencies depending on aspect. Here is a shot looking into Mineral Basin at the perfect expanse of Essence.

The Peruvian Gulch opened around 11:30 AM. offering a variety of choices some of which were wind affected and West facing aspects were offering very sweet buoyant lines. Here is a shot of the deep lines on Black Jack sent by Jake, which illustrate how deep and luscious the lower elevation lines were. They did not see the wind the upper aspects were getting.

The cold temps. kept the snow nicely refrigerated and it was easy to blast the broken pack without effort. This was a picture perfect day that lived up to the legends of The Bird. It is a real treat to see how filled in every thing is. Here is a shot of Wilbre Bowl all filled in, with the Willows all covered, and it takes a lot of snow to cover them.

Tomorrow, look for more openings that have been waiting in the wings. It will still be cold with overcast skies and some flurries. Expect a lot of traffic, so get there early to get out ahead of the pressure. The hill is in great shape wall to wall and conditions are amazing. I will be taking the day off as usual, so get all those goodies for me.

In closing, here is shot of The Coffee Goddesses, who are such a big part of our Forklift Chair experience. They keep the coffee coming no matter how much we consume. They make the Sun shine even when it is cloudy. See the Line, BE the Line!!



The Faithful were in full attendance this morning in anticipation of the massive accumulation waiting on the hill. The Temp. were very cold with sub Zero numbers on the peak and a very stout wind had the wind chill in double digits. With the wind overnight, the pack had been affected on the upper elevations, but it looked like the lower aspects were still soft and fluffy. Here is a shot of Miss Lily getting a full depth line that illustrates the goodness.

Large areas of the hill remained closed today due to the prevailing instability and were looking amazing with a pristine coating of Essence. I left around 1PM. as the cold temps made it uncomfortable for a Hot Tar guy like me. I have never got my cold weather stamina back from all those years of intense heat. Miss Loretta celebrated here birthday with The Morning Crew this morning and was given the full Forklift hospitality for the occasion. I haven’t see her in 35 years and it was such fun to share in the celebration.

Tomorrow, look for another cold day and some wind still in the mix. There are still all those areas still waiting in the wings and there is still plenty of goodness all over the hill. The Groomers will be off the chart perfect and will let you explore your inner Ligety. It will be great wall to wall.

As a parting shot, this woops moment was the scene on the way up this morning. The Road crew did an amazing job making the road safe and clear after the storm. And a big thank you to the Patrol who worked so hard to get a handle on such a big dump!! Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



It was a Condition Black today as the the line up was closed out, with extreme conditions that rank up there with any depth of memory and will, no doubt, become legend. Though the Canyon remained closed all day, some of the Mountain was opened to those folks who were there for the event. Here is a shot that was sent to me of the Plaza Deck scene.

This was after it has already been cleared of the accumulation that was present when I left yesterday. Suffice to say, there is a large accumulation of Essence here and more on The Mountain. Here is another view sent to me by my buddy Kevin at his place at The Inn, looking out at the pool.

This area too had been cleared off before this overnight installment was delivered. Yeow!! Avalanche conditions continue to be considerable and this cycle has just been electrifying. I have been watching the vibrations coming in from all the social media sources and the stoke level is well over 11. It is just that one deeper!! Tomorrow, expect a Canyon closure in the AM, so check the road report of access info. This is all time epic. Epic is a very over used term, but in this instance it is the only way to frame it. I’ll just leave you with these images to get your juices flowing, but patience is a virtue. It will be there when you get there. Stay Frosty!!



The hill is filling in quickly with all this accumulation and the wind is transporting large amounts to the High North aspects, making all those entrances perfect and chargeable. There were some periods of very intense snow fall, making visibility a real issue, but staying with the trees helped with the contrast and reference. Here is @Surfing Volcano, who was getting it all and ripping the lines with unmitigated audacity.

The new product was so consistent that it made you feel like a super hero again today, and with the high wind and heavy snow fall made it another day of free refills all day long. Here is a shot of Brian Beck rockin’ South Chute this morning. It was smooth, steep, and ready for prime time.

I left before they closed the road at 2:30PM for mitigation efforts, but the stoke was high and The Faithful kept lapping up the goods as it just got better and better. Here is a shot of Tomi dialing in some of that perfect, frothy, surfy goodness out on the apron.

Tomorrow, expect a Canyon closure, so check the road reports for updates. The forecast is for heavy accumulation overnight and more to come tomorrow. It doesn’t get any better but it will get deeper. As Joe Man The Snow Man say’s ” Don’t skip on the Groove Sauce”!!



The wind was nuking, the snow was dumping, and most of the front side of the hill opened right away. There was a fair turnout of The Faithful who were amped to get to the goods. With the high Southwest wind blowing, the High North aspects were filling in and building up a perfect combination that made the quality as good as it gets. The pack was bouyant, surfy, and very frothy, and made you feel like a super hero! I was able to drop directly into the premier shot on the High North, which I have not skied all season as the entrance was so sketchy. Today, it was full, fat and amazing top to bottom. With the wind blowing so hard I was able to get fresh tracks on each visit. Yeow!!! Here is the Iron Blossom Crew recharged and ready to get back out to the amazing conditions.

I left at 1:30PM as it was dumping so hard I did not want to have to deal with the road. Tomorrow, you can expect some serious accumulation as the major impulse is still coming. Check the road access in the AM. There will be strong pressure for the goods, but be sure to use the chair option as it was ski on all day today and easy access. See you there for the conditions that create legends. Live it or live with it!!



The Trailer got slammed by a big wind, heavy rain, and thunder and lightning, which signaled the beginning of this cycle. It came in with a bang and brought 9″ of fresh high density Essence to begin the cycle. The Canyon was backed up early, so I turned around and spent the day getting ready for what is coming. Here is a shot I took last week of a wind cornice out on a Lewis and Clark exploration.

The hill is in great shape to take this next installment, and I am very excited for the prospects. This is what we have all been waiting for and it is here. As the temps. drop with this next approaching front, the snow will lighten up and by the time it is all over, we will be getting that cold dust powder on top of a great cushion. It is going to be all time. I’ll, hopefully, have a first hand account for tomorrow’s post, if I can get up there. Deep, deep, and getting deeper!!



The Trailer was being buffeted by weighty wind gusts that are signaling the arrival of a major cycle that will move into the front tonight and last a few days at least. Up on the hill, the wind was working the open lines, however, the light was flat with the overcast. The Groomers were still good to go wherever you found them, as that last installment left perfect material to work into those carpets of AHHHH. Here is a shot of the Canyon from the other day when the clouds were making me feel like I was in another dimension.

Come to think of it, being on the peak is like being in another dimension. The wind is predicted to really hit the hill hard overnight, with snow beginning to fall as well. Expect some accumulation as just a start on the cycle. Remember your smooth lines to keep the static to a minimum in the variable visibility. This first accumulation should be heavy, and I am hoping it will stick to the old surface and provide some good cushion to make take the old layer out of play. We’ll see. Get ready for another real Utah dump, which brings up all the stories of the old days. I am guessing, these are the good old days. See you for just the beginning. IBBY!!!



It was a perfect day, with just right temps., amazing groomers on all sides of the hill, light traffic, and wonderful wind worked lines that let you have that back country experience. Neil sent this shot of Lewis and Clark taken from the Bookend’s, where the wind worked lines just kept us back there all morning. On the front side of the hill, top to bottom carpets were absolutely perfect as well, with dry chalky lines that let you dial in a fully engaged turn. I had to slow down a few times just to soak up as much of the quality as possible. The quality held up all day long, and there were not really any aspects that were setting up. Walk on Chairs were fast and fun, with the Tram line offering back to back access all day, so you could rack up a full dose of vertical. Tomorrow, look for an overcast day, with some flurries. Those groomers will still be offering the goods for smooth running in the variable visibility. Those wind work lines that were working today should still be offering that same smooth feel as the traffic just seemed to smooth them to a finer texture. I will be taking the day off to rest up for this next cycle that begins to gather tomorrow, so get ready for a big dump. Straight Ahead!!