2-01-19 by dave

It was a perfect day, with just right temps., amazing groomers on all sides of the hill, light traffic, and wonderful wind worked lines that let you have that back country experience. Neil sent this shot of Lewis and Clark taken from the Bookend’s, where the wind worked lines just kept us back there all morning. On the front side of the hill, top to bottom carpets were absolutely perfect as well, with dry chalky lines that let you dial in a fully engaged turn. I had to slow down a few times just to soak up as much of the quality as possible. The quality held up all day long, and there were not really any aspects that were setting up. Walk on Chairs were fast and fun, with the Tram line offering back to back access all day, so you could rack up a full dose of vertical. Tomorrow, look for an overcast day, with some flurries. Those groomers will still be offering the goods for smooth running in the variable visibility. Those wind work lines that were working today should still be offering that same smooth feel as the traffic just seemed to smooth them to a finer texture. I will be taking the day off to rest up for this next cycle that begins to gather tomorrow, so get ready for a big dump. Straight Ahead!!

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