2-06-19 by dave

It was a Condition Black today as the the line up was closed out, with extreme conditions that rank up there with any depth of memory and will, no doubt, become legend. Though the Canyon remained closed all day, some of the Mountain was opened to those folks who were there for the event. Here is a shot that was sent to me of the Plaza Deck scene.

This was after it has already been cleared of the accumulation that was present when I left yesterday. Suffice to say, there is a large accumulation of Essence here and more on The Mountain. Here is another view sent to me by my buddy Kevin at his place at The Inn, looking out at the pool.

This area too had been cleared off before this overnight installment was delivered. Yeow!! Avalanche conditions continue to be considerable and this cycle has just been electrifying. I have been watching the vibrations coming in from all the social media sources and the stoke level is well over 11. It is just that one deeper!! Tomorrow, expect a Canyon closure in the AM, so check the road report of access info. This is all time epic. Epic is a very over used term, but in this instance it is the only way to frame it. I’ll just leave you with these images to get your juices flowing, but patience is a virtue. It will be there when you get there. Stay Frosty!!

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