2-07-19 by dave

The Faithful were in full attendance this morning in anticipation of the massive accumulation waiting on the hill. The Temp. were very cold with sub Zero numbers on the peak and a very stout wind had the wind chill in double digits. With the wind overnight, the pack had been affected on the upper elevations, but it looked like the lower aspects were still soft and fluffy. Here is a shot of Miss Lily getting a full depth line that illustrates the goodness.

Large areas of the hill remained closed today due to the prevailing instability and were looking amazing with a pristine coating of Essence. I left around 1PM. as the cold temps made it uncomfortable for a Hot Tar guy like me. I have never got my cold weather stamina back from all those years of intense heat. Miss Loretta celebrated here birthday with The Morning Crew this morning and was given the full Forklift hospitality for the occasion. I haven’t see her in 35 years and it was such fun to share in the celebration.

Tomorrow, look for another cold day and some wind still in the mix. There are still all those areas still waiting in the wings and there is still plenty of goodness all over the hill. The Groomers will be off the chart perfect and will let you explore your inner Ligety. It will be great wall to wall.

As a parting shot, this woops moment was the scene on the way up this morning. The Road crew did an amazing job making the road safe and clear after the storm. And a big thank you to the Patrol who worked so hard to get a handle on such a big dump!! Dial it up, Dial it in!!!

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