11-30-15 by dave

It was Zero on the peak as the First Tram docked to start the day.  I was glad I wore the Sub Zero gear for the occasion, but any leak- especially around the glove cuffs- was quite evident with the increase in velocity.  Fortunately, the air was still, so the wind chill was only a factor of speed.  The Snow Guns were blazing top to bottom on both sides of the hill to take advantage of the very cold temps. which is perfect for man made operations.  Passage through the wash was no problem, and the Gun Powder felt velvety smooth all the way down the throw line.  Extensive Grooming was performed, with the quality much improved over yesterday. The main feature of the morning was the bright Sun that was shining on the dance floor to make the definition sharp and detailed.  That made dialing in the soft lines a breeze.  Low traffic  was a treat  with no pressure for the limited terrain.  The interference patterns on the right side of Big Emma have very well defined amplitude, however the lines seem to have round characteristics that favored carved turns.  I watched for a while as the bump adepts worked the lines with nice execution.   The cover there was still holding up well as is the rest of the hill due to the full scale snow making operations.   Here is a shot of the Stairway To Heaven that was looking interesting in the Sun.DSC03225It was good to see the high country after being shrouded on clouds for this last week.  Tomorrow, look for more Gun Powder to be on tap as the Snow Making operations are going strong.  The Grooming efforts will be good to go top to bottom and will be offering smooth carving.  Another cold morning can be expected, so dress for the conditions.  Stay Frosty!!

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