12-01-15 by dave

High pressure has moved over the state and with it the temps are on the rise.  It was 11 Degrees on the peak to start the day, which was pleasantly warmer than yesterday.  Extensive Grooming top to bottom offered nice traction with some light dust on the upper elevations and full on snow making efforts were continuing down lower on the hill.  I got some first tracks through a few of the Gun Powder accumulation areas that made me feel like I could still make a real turn after shwagging  on the firmness for that last while.  It felt good to dig deep again.  The Sun was wonderful and air was still, so I kept doing laps to get some momentum going.  Here is a long shot of Regulator taken from the top of Gad 2 with the trees nicely flocked with Essence.  DSC03234The coverage is still thin off trail and will have to wait until we get more accumulation, but the main runs are well covered and you have to look hard to find a pebble top to bottom.  On my way up Gad 2 I got this shot of the snow making device turning out the goods nicely back lit by the Sun.  Look for the smooth and tasty underneath the wash.  The accumulation carries quite awayDSC03231 below the guns so slow down and get all you can get your edges into.  Tomorrow, look for another day of warming temps., a nicely reworked dance floor, additional Hydro Velvet, and low traffic to be the hall mark of the day.  I ran into these two shredding ladies today. DSC03237 They were getting all of it, and they especially enjoyed the excellent Gun Powder sections over on Gad 2 as did I.  See you there for the training runs that are the best way to work into the coming Powder Extravaganza.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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