11-29-15 by dave

The temp. was mighty brisk this morning, so I put on my sub Zero coat to deal with the issue.  On the slope a light dusting and a full on Grooming effort made the first runs of the day much more consistent top to bottom than days previously.  The early traffic on the hill was light, so there was room to move and relax the constant look out imperative.   Visibility was much better as the clouds were breaking up high, when the valley was closed out in low elevation clouds.  It was sure nice to have much better definition with the reflected light from across the Canyon lighting the way.  Overall the hill is still quite firm on the established runs, but there is plenty of grip to give traction even with my hoe handle dull edges.  Tomorrow, look for the mid week light traffic on the hill, which will be a treat and a relief when trying to deal with the variations.  Coverage remains good top to bottom, with continued high volume snow making adding to the pack.  Be cautious moving through the wash as you never know, but with these very cold temps. it is a good bet that it will be good to go, however, it is good to play the hold card for safety.  The snow making will offer some good Gun Powder for the morning session, so be there early for the freshies on the Hydro Velvet.   Here is a shot I took a few years ago when things were looking grim on the hill, and we got a much needed blast that put the season in high gear just before Christmas.  Let us all hold this image in our collective imagination and try to manifest a repeat to get this Party started.    Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!!DSC00697

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