11-28-15 by dave

There were a few millimeters of Essence coating the Trailer this morning as I left for the hill.  It was snowing lightly and kept up the entire way up the Canyon.  There was several inches of goodness covering the dance floor, but the hard pack was still fully in play.  I was looking for the edges of the runs to get those deeper pockets that seem to get ignored.  Even though it was snowing, the visibility was good though the light was flat.  I am glad that I dressed for the cold as it was penetrating and made me duck down behind my collar to keep my nose protected.  Coverage remains good, however, on the newly opened runs there are some pebbles here and there.  These spots are easy to see and avoid.  Gad 2 is a welcome addition to the equation, but access is still restricted as it is on other parts of the hill.  Tomorrow, look for the main runs to be reworked, more accumulation from the Easterly flow bringing continued flurries, and an early morning window for light traffic enjoyment.  Be looking for the edges to have the deeper pockets, and watch  some of the high relief terrain features that have yet to be filled in on the newly opened lines.  They were a bit tough to see with the flat light, but a slower pace and measured turns will negotiate the variations with ease.   I was unable to get a shot on the hill today due to the visibility issues, so here is another of my Art Pieces to throw some color on the day.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!DSC00247

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  1. Larry says:

    Very cool Dave!

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