1-28-18 by dave

A delightful coating of Winter Sorbet that was only an inch deep, offered some very delicious turns all over the hill. The Groomers were the best place to dial in the ultra smooth, however, the off trail also was feeling the cushion. Visibility was at a premium, and sticking to the trees made the contrast much better. I was sticking with the known smooth lines that I have been working all last week, which insured a smooth ride in the tough light. Though there was a fair push for the early Trams, the line moved quickly and walk on Trams were the rule for rest of the day. Here is a shot of Dino from Ohio, who is an avid reader of the site and came into the Forklift for a pre shred fest breakfast. It was great to meet him and share the stoke for the day, and the bonus is that he won a “sure thing” bet on me actually being at the Planetary Office at the appointed time. The afternoon session did not see much improvement in the visibility, but the quality remained good as the low accumulation did not pile up and remained blastable despite the density. Here is a shot of my friend Selma, who I ran into on the Tram. It has been quite a while since I have seen her and it was fun to catch up. Tomorrow, look for more amazing Groomed lines on all sides of the hill. Today’s product will get tilled into the mat and offer a Hydro Velvet extravaganza for the opening bell. The off trail will be well worth checking out, but the interference patterns continue to increase in amplitude on those high traffic areas. Hopefully the visibility will improve and some of the unseen shots today will still have some open lines. I could not find a good shot today due to the visibility, so I offer this shot of one of the fresh cut flowers at the Forklift today. Julia, of Living Creations, does a great job with these arrangements. Stay Frosty!!

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