1-27-18 by dave

A high cloud deck filtered the Sun this morning, making the light a bit flat for the day. The Groomers were off the charts buffed with the fresh Essence having been tilled into the mat. You could fully explore your inner Ligety every run and every turn. Those areas that were waiting in the wings were opened today, and the quality was still amazing, with good buoyancy and enough depth to mitigate the underlying firmness. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting some of the goodness, and, by the looks of it, got it all. Tomorrow,look for more great Grooming efforts to be on tap, with Mineral Basin offering the big empty lines first thing in the AM. I will be looking for some ripping lines on the Lewis and Clark explorations. It is like a private resort over there before the next Tram hits the peak. Soft snow is still to be found off trail, and the pack is becoming a bit more worked over, so expect a bit of rumble and some increasing amplitude on those sections with interference patterns. There will be the usual Sunday traffic, so get out early and use the chair options to stay ahead of the curve. See you there early for the morning shred fest!! Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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