1-26-18 by dave

A new installment of luxurious Essence was delivered overnight that was a touch heavier than the previous coating. That feature made the new product feel quite a bit more buoyant and silky. The off trail areas were feeling very nice and, despite the high traffic, it was fairly easy to find your own line if you looked. Mineral Basin opened with a big push for the goods, and the back bowl delivered with beautiful lines that were very explosive. Visibility was marginal, but there were enough reference points to keep centered and focused. The new product was so buoyant that even the interference patterns were fun and engaging. Here is a shot of Brian Beck getting the goods and leaving trails of glory out on Lone Pine! Though traffic was strong, the opening of Mineral Basin pulled the energy to the back side, leaving the Tram walk on free. The new snow got worked over very quickly, but resisted piling up into harbor chop and remained fully blastable and fun. Caution still should be exercised on all traverses and entrances as there are some very immediate features to keep in mind. Here are the Powder Angels, who were having a great time exploring all the options as they became available. Here they were looking at some of the variations off of Gad 2. Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, cold temps for the morning session, and, perhaps, more sections to open that are still waiting in the wings. Keep your ears open. The Groomers will be off the chart buffed, as this new snow will till into the mat in fine fashion. The off trail will still be fluffy and blastable. With the improved visibility, it will be much easier to scope out the lines that are available from a distance. Traffic should be brisk, so get there early and be sure to use the chairs if the Tram backs up. That worked out really well for me today. See you Sunday after my day off tomorrow. IBBY!!

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