1-29-18 by dave

With clear skies, bright Sun, and wide open Groomers, it was a ground pounding day of top to bottom laps all over the hill. Out in
Mineral Basin, the Lewis and Clark area offered vacant lines of Hydro Velvet that called for several laps to extract the maximum juice from the buffed surfaces. The Morning crew met Scott and Elise from Australia, who where experiencing the first runs ever at the Bird. They are very adept skiers and were right at home ripping up the carpets. Here is a shot of them at the Landing. On the front of the hill, smooth Groomers were epic with corduroy that had that whirring and zizzing sound as you shaved the nap off with each turn. Very light traffic on the hill, made back to back Trams a bonus all day long, and it felt like a private resort. Off trail is beginning to set up and there is a fair amount of rumble and variable sections that make you pay full attention. Here is another shot of Scott and Elise as they got their first look at the peak and the surrounding vistas. They were super stoked. Tomorrow, look for more ground pounding fun right out of the chute. I was able to drive around with the Top Down in the afternoon, and I will bet it will be good to go again. Those Mineral Basin laps will be wide open and vacant again for the opening bell, so be ready for some serious fun. Lay it over like Ligety!!!

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